Sanitarium launches new ‘breakfast drink’

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 2nd April 2014
The new Sanitarium FibreStart breakfast drink

Breakfast food manufacturer Sanitarium Health & Wellbeing has launched a new ‘breakfast drink’ in Australia.

Sanitarium said the product, called FibreStart, is a “healthy new milk alternative” and contains “one third of recommended daily fibre intake” in each 250mL serve.

FibreStart is made of a blend of milk, almonds and plant fibres. Sanitarium said it contains both insoluble and soluble fibre and has a nutty flavour.

Nutritionist, chef, author and FibreStart spokesperson, Zoe Bingley-Pullin, said that fibre is an often overlooked nutrient and that men and women “should aim to consume at least 30 and 25 grams of fibre per day respectively”.

“FibreStart is the perfect start to the day for those needing to increase their fibre intake and people who simply want to improve their diet and feel great,” Ms Bingley-Pullin said. “Unlike some other high-fibre products, it tastes great and is super-convenient – you can drink it from a glass like milk, pour some on your favourite cereal or even add in to a fruit smoothie,” she said.

“FibreStart is also low in fat, and is an excellent source of dietary fibre,” Ms Bingley-Pullin said. “Our bodies need insoluble and soluble fibre, and this new product contains both; insoluble fibre which helps keep things moving, plus soluble fibre which helps nourish your digestive system,” she said.

Sanitarium said FibreStart was designed to “make fibre easy”, after consumer research by Newspoll that shows one fifth (20 per cent) of the population believe they were not getting enough fibre. The Newspoll survey interviewed 1,200 respondents over the age of 18, between 31 January 2014 and 2 February 2014.

“We want to provide an easy option for Australian’s to get the fibre they need and feel the benefits of this essential nutrient,” said Daniel Derrick, General Manager for Marketing at Sanitarium.

Sanitarium’s other products include breakfast cereals Weet-Bix and Light ‘n’ Tasty, and on-the-go breakfast product Up&Go.

Sanitarium FibreStart 1L RRP $4.49 is now available from supermarkets across Australia and can be found in the cereal aisle.