Gippsland Dairy does a makeover on its yoghurt brand

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 7th July 2014

Australian dairy manufacturer Gippsland Dairy has given its line of yogurts and double cream a ‘modern’ makeover.

Gippsland Dairy does a makeover on its yoghurt brand
Gippsland Dairy does a makeover on its yoghurt brand

Gippsland Dairy Twist Yogurt and Double Cream products are now available at Coles, Woolworths and leading independent supermarkets throughout the country with a new logo and contemporary brand identity.

Gippsland Dairy, which is a subsidiary of Chobani Australia, said the new “warm” look reflected the Company’s “history of craftsmanship”, with a hat tip to Australian dairy farmers. The Company said the tag line on its products, ‘Made Slower to Taste Better’, referenced the “time-honoured techniques and traditions that the company has utilised since the early 1950s”.

The Company said its yoghurt and cream makers relied on their experience and senses to decide when a product is right, “rather than soley relying on machinery or the use of stabilisers, thickeners or gelatin like many other modern day yogurt makers”.

Lynley Radford, General Manager Sales and Category on Gippsland Dairy explained that the upgraded packaging had been designed to reflect the premium nature of Gippsland Dairy products.

“Gippsland Dairy is one of Australia’s favourite yogurt brands and now, the fresh new look and feel ensures our products look as good as they taste,” Ms Radford said.

“We’re already one of the top five yogurt brands in the country and I’m confident this move will attract new consumers to the brand to help us get to the top spot,” Ms Radford said.