Simplot launches new meat-free and soy-free Pies and Schnitzels

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 20th August 2014
Simplot launches new meat-free and soy-free Pies and Schnitzels
Simplot launches new meat-free and soy-free Pies and Schnitzels

Food manufacturer Simplot Australia has launched new meat-free and soy-free Pies and Schnitzels under its vegetarian brand Quorn.

Simplot Australia said the new Quorn Pies and Schnitzels product range will present vegetarians and meat reducers with a “great tasting meat-free, soy-free meal alternative that can be heated and is ready to serve”.

Available in a variety of delicious flavours, Quorn Pies and Schnitzels actually taste like and have the texture of meat.

  • Mince & Potato Pies (200g each) – These pies feature a meat and soy-free form of high quality protein with diced potato in a rich savoury gravy topped with puff pastry.
  • Chicken-Style & Leek Pies (200g each) – Inspired by the household favourite, meat-free, soy-free chicken style pieces are combined with sweet leeks and a rich, tasty creamy sauce topped with puff pastry.
  • Tomato & Cheese Schnitzels (240g each) – Better than any pub meal, the chicken-style schnitzels are covered with a tomato and cheese sauce and coated in crunchy golden breadcrumbs. Diners won’t even notice they’re eating a meat-free version of a classic schnitzel!

Simplot Australia said the new products are “free from artificial colours and preservatives” and are “a great source of fibre and protein”.

Chief Marketing Officer at Simplot Australia, Suzanne Harman, said the latest offering from Quorn targeted meat-reducing and vegetarian consumers that were “looking for meal options that they can’t replicate at home”.

“We are excited to launch Quorn’s new vegetarian Pies and Schnitzels range, which provides a delicious dinner alternative for consumers looking to reduce the amount of meat they’re eating or omit it altogether,” Ms Harman said.

“The Pies and Schnitzels not only taste like meat and are a good source of protein, but they give the texture of meat which consumers can’t create themselves at home,” Ms Harman said. “Now meat reducers can still enjoy their favourite meals, but more convenient versions,” she said.

The new Quorn range is available in the frozen aisle from Coles supermarkets from July 2014, RRP $6.20 for Quorn Mince & Potato Pies (400g), RRP $6.20 Quorn Chicken & Leek Pies (400g) and RRP $5.99 Tomato & Cheese Schnitzels (240g).