Visy and Schweppes launch new 100 per cent recycled bottle for Coles Brand water

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 1st October 2014
Visy and Schweppes launch new 100 per cent recycled bottle for Coles Brand water
Visy and Schweppes launch new 100 per cent recycled bottle for Coles Brand water

Packaging company Visy and beverages company Schweppes have developed a new 100 per cent recycled and recyclable water bottle for supermarket giant Coles’ private label bottled water.

The water bottle, which was finalised in February 2014 after 18 months in development, recently won the Coles Brand Packaging Supplier of the Year award.

Rather than being produced from new plastic, the lightweight water bottle is made in Australia from old bottles which have been ground down, cleaned and reformed.

As a result of the innovation, all Coles said all Coles Brand 330ml, 600ml and 1.5ml water bottles are now 100 per cent recycled PET, enabling consumers to “enjoy a new standard in water bottle material for the Australian market, while not compromising on safety or quality”. Coles said the recycled bottles can continue being recycled through normal channels and are still strong and sustainable enough for reuse.

According to Coles, the move makes a major difference to its environmental and sustainability efforts, potentially saving over 130 million bottles per annum from being produced from new plastic.

Coles Managing Director John Durkan said the partnership between Coles, Visy and Schweppes had been a huge success and something that all three companies were pleased to be a part of.

“Coles is proud to be the first Australian supermarket – and in fact one of only a few brands globally – to offer a 100 per cent recycled and recyclable bottle,” Mr Durkan said. “Without the fantastic work of Visy and Schweppes, we wouldn’t have been able to make this happen,” he said.

Mr Durkan said operational trials were conducted over many months to perfect material specifications and these packed water bottles were then extensively tested to ensure they were safe and there was no compromise to the customer.

“We believe we have set a new standard in water bottle material for the Australian market,” Mr Durkan said.

Visy General Manager Insights and Innovation, Richard Macchiesi, said he was “delighted” the company had received the Coles Brand award in recognition of the development of the recyclable PET water bottle. Visy assisted Coles and Schweppes in the technical, labelling and manufacturing developments and developed a unique labelling system for the promotion of the recycled content.

“Visy’s recent $40m investment in a recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) facility at Smithfield, NSW has created a range of new opportunities for our business and clients,” Mr Macchiesi said.

“Working closely with Coles and Schweppes to develop a 100 per cent recycled PET water bottle was an exciting project that brought genuine innovation to the retail shelf,” he said.

Schweppes Australia Chief Commercial Officer Darren Tendler said that the rPET bottle would also be launched across key Schweppes brands.

“This has been a key project that has included a cross-functional team of people from multiple manufacturing sites and internal departments,” Mr Tendler said. “This strategic three-way partnership has showcased the active commitment all parties have to sustainability and what can be achieved when working collaboratively towards the same goal,” he said.

The awards were made at the Coles Brand Supplier Conference in Melbourne in September 2014.

Other category winners

Other category winners were:

  • Devondale Murray Goulburn at Laverton, Victoria and Erskine Park, NSW, who was winner of the dairy category, in recognition of their 10-year partnership with Coles, which has resulted in the $160 million investment in two new factories and improvement in milk quality and shelf life.
  • Norco at Lismore, NSW and Labrador, Qld, who was winner of the grocery category, in recognition of their innovation and the immense popularity of their Coles Brand peanut butter ice cream.
  • Tripod at Bacchus Marsh and Bairnsdale, who was winner of the fruit and veg category, in recognition of its investment in state-of-the-art washing and drying technology to improve quality, reduce damage and increase shelf life of Coles Brand bagged salads.
  • Lifestyle Bakery at Adelaide, who was winner of the bakery category, in recognition of their quality Coles Brand gluten free bread.
  • Schweppes and Visy, who were winners of the packaging category, in recognition of the water bottle they produced entirely from recycled PET.
  • Kailis Brothers and Pacific West, who were winners of responsible sourcing category, in recognition of their success in converting their entire Coles Brand bagged seafood range to certified sustainable sources.
  • Ross Cosmetics, who received a special award for best long-serving Coles Brand, recognising almost 70 years since they graced Coles’ aisles with the range of Starlet cosmetics.