VitalZing launches drinks range in Australia

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 19th November 2014
VitalZing launches drinks range in Australia
VitalZing launches drinks range in Australia

New Zealand-based beverage manufacturer VitalZing has launched a new range of drinks in Australia.

VitalZing said its “genuinely healthy enhanced waters” includes electrolyte, vitamin, energy, green tea, sports and daily multivitamin waters. The Company said its drinks range contains no “sugar in any form; artificial ingredients (colours, flavours or sweeteners); stabilisers; and preservatives”.

VitalZing said these ingredients are not necessary in its range due to the use of BlastMax Caps technology – a dosage cap that allows the active ingredients to be stored in powder form, before being blasted and shaken into the water directly before drinking.

The Company said keeping the active ingredients in powder form “eliminates the need for stabilising ingredients such as preservatives and sugar”. VitalZing said all of the formulas have been developed by “elite level nutritionists”.

Alister Gates, Founder and CEO of VitalZing, was “starting a whole new beverage category” in Australia with the launch of this brand.

“The beverage industry is overwhelmingly saturated with the worst of the worst health offenders – drinks with scarily high sugar levels, artificial ingredients and little to no nutrition,” Mr Gates said. “It’s high time for a change, so we’ve been working with top nutritionists to develop drinks that are hugely beneficial for a range of purposes, without the incidental damage from nasty additional ingredients,” he said.

“We’re seeing a really positive change in terms of the demand for healthier, natural, sugar-free alternatives with proven benefits – it’s time that companies start to produce the truly healthy products that people need,” Mr Gates said.

Mikel Anderson, Inventor of BlastMax Caps said traditionally all drinks companies had to consider the shelf stability of the products they were creating, “at the expense of the products’ effectiveness and nutrition”.

“Beneficial ingredients, like vitamins and probiotics, break down in water in a matter of minutes,” Mr Anderson said. “These caps remove that consideration, so that we can focus on what we want the product to be and do – without worrying about how long the ingredients will last sitting on a shelf, and having to bulk it out with artificial stabilisers to increase its life expectancy,” he said.

The water base for VitalZing’s range is natural spring water, which VitalZing said “is high in silica, soft, balanced and naturally alkaline”.

VitalZing is launching in Australia with the following range: VitalZing Green Tea, VitalZing Electrolyte, VitalZing Collagen, VitalZing Every Day, VitalZing VitalBoost, VitalZing Endurance, VitalZing Performance

RRP $3.95 each for VitalZing 500ml

The Company is also launching VitalZing Water Drops, “water enhancers” to add to tap water. The drops have plant-based fruit flavours and stevia extract for sweetening. The VitalZing Water Drops come in four flavours: Raspberry, Mandarin, Peach and Lemon Lime.

RRP $4.50 each for VitalZing Water Drops 45ml droplet bottle.