Sipahh launches e-commerce store in Australia

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 6th January 2015
Sipahh has launched an onlne store
Sipahh has launched an onlne store

Flavoured drinking straw company Sipahh is set to launch its e-commerce store in February 2015, which will allow consumers to buy bulk packs of its straws.

Sipahh straws, which use the Unistraw Delivery System, were created by Australian Peter Baron, were designed to encourage children to drink more milk. The Unistraw Delivery System is a patented straw-delivery device created in 1996, and released commercially in 2005. The UDS can add flavor, energy, vitamins nutrition, and even pharmaceuticals to liquid sipped through it. The inside of the straws are coated in tiny flavoured tapioca beads, which blend with milk as a consumer drinks through the straw.

Unistraw’s headquarters is located in Singapore and has its main manufacturing plant in India, with offices around the world, including Australia, the US, New Zealand, Kazakhstan, Colombia and Brazil. Sipahh straws are now available in over 100 countries.

The online shopping page, which Sipahh is describing as its e-commerce store, will mean consumers can purchase popular Sipahh straw flavours such as ‘Chilled Out Choc Mint’, ‘Hello Marshmallow’ and ‘Smooth Caramel’ in single flavour bulk packs. The store will also have a mix-and-match tool that will allow consumers to create a ‘flavour crate’ filled with 60 flavoured straws that could be made up of any of the 13 flavours in the Sipahh range.

Sipahh said the e-commerce store was developed to target cafes, school canteens and consumers.

“We are continuing our expansion through an e-commerce store to bring consumer the ease and convenience of not only buying online, but also home deliver,” said Georgie Scott, Marketing Manager at Sipahh. “With less than half a teaspoon of sugar per straw, Sipahh straws can be a great additions to a glass of milk and it’s a really good way to encourage kids to drink more milk without overloading them with sugar,” she said.

Emma Glassenbury, Dietitian from Dairy Australia said that “depending on their age and gender, a child needs between one-and-a-half to three-and-a-half serves from the dairy food group every day”.

“But the fact is most Australian children aged 2-16 years are not meeting the Australian Dietary Guideline recommendation, and that’s concerning,” Ms Glassenbury said.

Australian Food News reported in September 2014 that Sipahh Straws had also launched into Coles supermarkets.