Australian wine producer applies for patent for resveratrol coated can for wine

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 14th January 2015
Australian wine producer applies for patent for resveratrol coated can for wine
Australian wine producer applies for patent for resveratrol coated can for wine

Australian wine producer Barokes has applied for patent protection for a beverage container that has an inner coating of resveratrol.

Resveratrol is an antioxidant found in grapes, red wine and chocolate.

The application, filed on 26 June 2014 and published on 31 December 2014, proposes the use of resveratrol as a preservative for wine packaged in cans.

Wine in a can

Barokes was established in 1996 as a partnership between Greg Stokes and Steve Barics, successfully producing and marketing a number of “low preservative” bottled wines under the ‘Benchmark’ label. Barokes launched a patented system of producing and packaging a premium quality wine in an individually sized sealed can (Vinsafe), which the Company said would “revolutionise wine consumption”.

Barokes created a “complete wine packaging system” based on a platform that involves all three key aspects of successfully putting wine in a can: the wine, the can and filling specifications. The innovative Vinsafe wine packaging system was the world’s first globally patented wine in a can technology. Barokes has been internationally recognised as a leader in the field of wine in a can technology and has produced a range of wines which it says are “renowned for premium quality, stability and longevity”. Over a decade of extensive research and development has been committed to creating this purpose build product for the global wine market.

Resveratrol-coated wine can

In its patent application, Barokes said that it had found that a container for a beverage such wine, provided “excellent protection from the detrimental and undesired loss of quality, including the undesired consequences of the reaction between the beverage and the packaging material”, when the inner surface of the container was at least partially coated with a layer comprising of resveratrol.

Transport and Storage without refrigeration

Barokes said it had found that a container with a coating of resveratrol “surprisingly enhances and stimulates the defence mechanism against oxidation and yeast growth in the packaged wine”.

The Company said the use of resveratrol to coat a container for wine would provide winemakers “with a solution to the transport and storage of beverages such as wine globally without the use of refrigerated or temperature controlled storage and transport facilities”. Barokes said the resveratrol-coated container would allow for a product to be supplied that has a guaranteed shelf life of “up to and greater than 12 months”.

More innovation

Barokes said the resveratrol-containing internal barrier and its application method could be also be used as part of an overall packaging system that has the capability to be applied to any beverage container during the normal container manufacturing process.

In November 2014, Barokes launched a new slim line aluminium wine bottle range, which also uses the Vinsafe wine packaging system.