Lavazza Australia Launches ‘Barista’ Inspired Premium Bean Range

Posted by Media Release Agency on 6th July 2020

Lavazza Australia has announced the launch of its new whole coffee bean collection Espresso Barista, which will bring Australians a premium and professional barista coffee experience in the comfort of their homes.

Espresso Barista is available in Coles, Woolworths, selected independent supermarkets and via Lavazza Australia’s new eCommerce site – and, is the brand’s most premium range of beans available in stores to date.

The secret to Espresso Barista’s quality is in its creation. All beans are specially selected and slow drum roasted to provide the ultimate flavour for all coffee types – from double espressos to cappuccinos. The result: a professional barista-level crema which is more balanced, smoother and boasts a more complex aromatic profile.

Created for coffee aficionados who use an automatic or semi-automatic machine, the beans are slow-roasted through a drum roll technique, which has a lower roasting temperature than traditional methods and allows for full manual control.

The style impacts the overall roast time of the bean, alternating the beans between direct heat (via walls of the roasting drum) and indirect heat (via warm air within the drum). The process also allows for highlighting and intensifying flavour compounds.

Lavazza Australia National Training Manager John Kozsik said: “The crema from the Espresso Barista range will allow coffee lovers to create the utmost professional espresso pour in the comfort of their own homes. Quality espresso is the foundational building block for all coffees – no matter whether that’s a long black, flat white or latte.”

Kozsik said the secret to a quality coffee is also through correct packaging and storage: “The Espresso Barista range of beans is vacuum-sealed in a high-grade foil, meaning the beans remain fresher for longer. We’re incredibly excited to bring this product to Aussies and see them master the art of Italian coffee creation.”

Espresso Barista coffee beans are selected from a variety of locations around the world including South-East Asia, Africa, and Central and South America.

The range will be available in three flavour profiles: Intenso, Gran Crema and Perfetto. Each variant is sold in a 1kg bag and retails for RRP$35 at Coles, Woolworths, and specialty retailers.

The composition, tasting notes and aromatic profile for the Espresso Barista range is below:

  Intenso Gran Crema Perfetto
Composition Arabica and Robusta Arabica and Robusta 100% Arabica
Intensity 9/10 7/10 6/10
Look A long-lasting crema An aromatic experience A delicate crema
Aroma Notes of cocoa and wood Notes of dried fruits and florals Notes of chocolate and florals
Taste Intense and full-bodied, with a persistent aftertaste Velvety and balanced, with a fruity and lingering flavour Aromatic and round flavours, with a delicate taste
Roast Drum Medium Medium

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