Australia Day holiday challenge issued by Australian Made Campaign

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 21st January 2015
Australia Day holiday challenge issued by Australian Made Campaign
Australia Day holiday challenge issued by Australian Made Campaign

Not-for-profit organisation the Australian Made Campaign has called on Australian consumers to “take the Australian Made challenge” this Australia Day long weekend, and to look for the green-and-gold kangaroo logo when shopping.

The AMAG logo can only be used on products that are registered with the not-for-profit organisation Australian Made Campaign Limited, which administers the logo under a formal contract with the Australian Government. The strict set of rules governing the logo’s use also require that it must always be used with one of five descriptors; ‘Australian Made’, ‘Australian Grown’, ‘Product of Australia’, ‘Australian Seafood’ or ‘Australian’ (for export use only). To use the logo goods must meet the criteria set out in the Australian Consumer Law as well the more stringent Australian Made, Australian Grown Logo Code of Practice. More than 2000 businesses are registered to use the AMAG logo, which can be found on some 15,000 products sold here and around the world.

“This time of year consumers are particularly conscious of supporting local farmers and manufacturers, but just because a product sports a map or flag – even if that product is a map or flag – doesn’t mean it has been made or grown here,” said Ian Harrison, Australian Made Campaign Chief Executive. “We encourage consumers to look more closely at the products they are purchasing, and make Australia Day a starting point for new buying behaviours – ‘take the Australian Made challenge’.”

“Most products – and all food products – carry a country-of-origin label, and sometimes it’s just about getting in the habit of looking for it,” Mr Harrison said. “We think consumers can have fun with this challenge, and might even discover a new family favourite for future purchases in the process,” he said.

“If every Australian replaced one item in their weekly shop with a locally made or grown alternative, we would see a tangible improvement to living standards across the country – for the benefit of all,” Mr Harrison said.

Mr Harrison said consumers wanting to ‘buy local’ on the Australia Day weekend could take the following steps:

  • Look for the  logo when shopping in-store and online
  • Read the fine print in the absence of a logo – looking for the words ‘Australian Made’ ‘Australian Grown or ‘Australian Seafood’
  • Search the online product directory at;
  • “Be wary” of colourful packaging, maps, flags and Aussie animals, which Mr Harrison said “can be designed to mislead”

“We encourage consumers to ‘take the Australia Made challenge’ and enjoy great Aussie products and produce from our farmers and manufacturers this Australia Day long weekend,” Mr Harrison said.

Australia Day lamb campaign

Meanwhile, Meat and Livestock Australia has launched its annual Australia Day lamb campaign. In previous years, the campaign, which includes a television commercial, has featured Australian media personality Sam Kekovich.

The Australia Day 2015 campaign will again feature Mr Kekovich, but this time also with cricket commentator Richie Benaud, sports journalist and comedian Billie Birmingham, television personality Ita Buttrose and Australian historical figures such as Captain Cook. Meat and Livestock Australia said the 2015 television commercial will show Mr Benaud hosting a barbeque featuring lamb, at which the other celebrities and historical figures will be guests.