Ward McKenzie’s new product launches in Australia

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 5th February 2015
Ward McKenzie’s new product launches in Australia
Ward McKenzie’s new product launches in Australia

One of Australia’s oldest family-owned food manufacturers, Ward McKenzie’s has launched 13 new products in its range.

The new products include SuperBlend, Quick Cook Soups, Soup Pouches, Saffron and Himalayan Salt varieties, and can be found in the soup and herbs and spices aisles of supermarkets.

“We have had many requests from our customers for more wider product ranges and we are very excited with these new additions,” said Melissa Clayton, Ward McKenzie’s Marketing Manager. “The Himalayan salts are fantastic for adding a bit of extra flavour to dishes while the soups are perfect for those looking for healthy and convenient meal options,” she said.

“The SuperBlends are a completely new concept for McKenzie’s and we have worked to create the perfect taste and nutrition combinations,” Ms Clayton said. “They are perfect to use as sides or to add to soups and salads,” she said.

Cook at home

McKenzie’s said its SuperBlend range “is set to reinvent soups, sides and salads”. Available in three different varieties, the Company said each variant “has been blended specifically to target a nutritional platform – Protein, Fibre and Energy”. Ingredients include grains and legumes such as lentils, quinoa, pearl barley, freekeh and beans.

McKenzie’s has also launched a Quick Cook Soups range, which the Company said provide “all the necessary ingredients to create a simple, affordable and nutritious soup from scratch”. The soups can be cooked in 15 minutes. Flavours include Minestrone, Country Chicken and Hearty Vegetable. All can be eaten as is, or vegetables can be added.

Heat and eat

The Company has also launched a range of pre-made soups. McKenzie’s said its From the Kitchen Soup Pouches “provide the perfect work companion, they can be kept in a draw then when hungry simply heat and eat”. Flavours include Country Pumpkin & Lentil, Rustic Vegetable & Quinoa and Hearty Vegetable & Lentil. McKenzie’s said “each serving provides over 2.5 portions of vegetables”.

New salts

McKenzie’s has also added two new salts to its herbs and spices range – Himalayan Pink Salt & Whole Black Pepper and Himalayan Pink Salt & Chilli Blend. Both come in the shake-and-pour refill jars, and have the adjustable grinder format – pull up for a coarser grind, for seasoning and garnishing or pull down for a finer grind for a more delicate flavour.


Finally, McKenzie’s has also added a Hand Picked Saffron product to its range. McKenzie’s said the product is hand-picked in Tasmania.

All new products will be available in Woolworths stores from mid-March 2015.