Noodle Box takes on new partners, Connoisseur and Schweppes

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 23rd February 2015
Noodle Box takes on new partners, Connoisseur and Schweppes
Noodle Box takes on new partners, Connoisseur and Schweppes

Australian-owned quick service restaurant business Noodle Box has announced new partnerships with gourmet ice cream brand Connoisseur and soft drink brand Schweppes.

After close review throughout the end of 2014, Noodle Box has selected Connoisseur ice creams alongside the Schweppes soft drink ranges as the supporting products of choice within the 70-strong restaurant network.

Noodle Box is an Australian owned franchised quick-service restaurant network, delivering “Asian-style street food specially crafted for the Australian palate”. Established in 1996, today Noodle Box is Australia’s largest franchised noodle restaurant chain. The Company has a network of over 70 restaurants across the Australia.

James Sutherland, Noodle Box Product Manager, said the product offerings from both supporting suppliers were considered to be “the perfect complement” to Noodle Box dishes, and that the new relationships “signified the maturity of the Noodle Box brand”.

“Noodle Box is a household name,” Mr Sutherland said. “We are the largest noodle-based quick-service restaurateur in Australia and our guests have a certain level of expectation of the quality of supporting brands that they may purchase,” he said.

“The rich and decadent offering from Connoisseur, especially with their new ice-cream product ranges, act as a perfect accompaniment to our spicy and fresh tasting noodle-based dishes,” Mr Sutherland said. “We’re proud to have both new suppliers on board,” he said.

Consumers at Noodle Box restaurants can now purchase a wide range of Connoisseur ice-creams, as well as Schweppes soft drinks and iced tea, from all Noodle Box restaurants.