SOFI white wine spritzer launches in Australia

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 25th February 2015
SOFI white wine spritzer launches in Australia
SOFI white wine spritzer launches in Australia

Australian beverage brand SOFI has launched a white wine spritzer, which it says is “made to a classic Mediterranean recipe”.

The SOFI Spritzer is a drink that blends Australian-grown Riesling grapes, blood orange, bitters and sparkling water.

SOFI Spritz was founded by Tommy Maclean in 2014. Mr Maclean said he wanted to create a product that made use of Australian wine, while making it “lighter and more suitable for the Australian lifestyle”.

Mr Maclean said his small team was inspired by the explosion of craft beers in Australia, where consumers could choose from differentiated flavour profiles, and boutique brands competed against more established brands.

SOFI Spritz enlisted the help of high-calibre Australian winemaker, Simon Gilbert, to work closely with the Company to produce the spritzer.

“I selected South Australian Riesling as the base such that the citrus notes of the wine would match the blood orange,” Mr Gilbert said. “The natural sweetness of the Riesling grapes also balances the bitters that we add upon bottling,” he said.

“Maintaining the right combination of flavours as well as the proper balance to achieve a bitter-sweet taste and crisp finish is as difficult as any winemaking,” Mr Gilbert said.

SOFI Spritz is available nationally through major liquor outlets, and has plans to expand to on-premise channels and events.

Alcohol Content: 8 per cent/ 1.3 standard drinks per 200ml bottle

SOFI Spritz is available at Dan Murphy’s and other bottle shops. Single bottles of the Spritzer RRP $5 and a case of four RRP $18.