Bega Launches its natural Simply Nuts peanut butter

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 8th March 2019

Bega Foods, owner of Vegemite and fast-becoming Australia’s leading breakfast brand manufacturer, has officially launched its new peanut butter, Bega Simply Nuts. The new product makes the claims that it has only two ingredients: ‘100% Australian peanuts’ and a ‘pinch of sea salt’.

The launch of a new type of peanut butter by Bega coincidently follows a complex court litigation between Bega and Kraft Heinz over claims concerning a Bega branded peanut butter that resembled the product that Bega used to make for Kraft Heinz.

In launching its new product, Bega says it has worked, since 2017, to grow and harvest Australian peanuts for its original peanut butter recipe.

The new product is designed to accommodate the changing taste buds of the new era of health-conscious Australian consumers. The product uses 100% hi oleic peanuts, which are higher in monounsaturated fats than regular peanuts, contains no artificial colours or flavours, is gluten free and is rich in Vitamin B3 and good fats.

“We are thrilled to officially launch Bega Simply Nuts, a delicious and natural peanut butter we have been developing for some time now. It will play a distinctive role in our portfolio and will offer Australian consumers a simple solution when they’re shopping at their local supermarket,” said Bega Foods executive general manager, Adam McNamara.

The product can be expected to be available in Smooth and Crunchy as well as a new style, Rustic Grind. The new Rustic Grind style, developed to replicate homemade peanut butter, contains only 100% Australian Peanuts and nothing else.

Bega Simply Nuts is sold in 325g glass jars and is available in all major supermarkets, including Coles and Woolworths.