Sanitarium launches new ‘wholefood’ snack bars in Australia

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 29th April 2015
Sanitarium launches new ‘wholefood’ snack bars in Australia
Sanitarium launches new ‘wholefood’ snack bars in Australia

Breakfast cereal and snack food manufacturer Sanitarium has launched a new range of ‘wholefood’ fruit and nut snack bars called Naturally Nood in Australia.

The new range is made from dates and nuts, with some varieties featuring other fruits or cocoa.

Naturally Nood bars come in a range of flavours including Banana Bread, Berrylicious Flavour, Cashew Crush, Cheeky Cocoa, Cocoa & Orange Tango and Cocoa Lamington. Sanitarium said the range has “no added preservatives, artificial colours and flavours”.

Lynden Rochford – Senior Brand Manager for New Brands, said Naturally Nood has been developed to make wholefood snacking “a lot more compelling and fun”, with research suggesting existing snacks at the healthier end are seen as “uninspiring”.

“While two thirds of 25-44 year olds would prefer snacks that are healthier, more than one in three shoppers believe current offers are boring, and over half of 18-64 year olds also think they are not that good for you, rising to 61 per cent amongst females aged 25-44 years,” Ms Rochford said.

Sanitarium’s Nutrition Manager, Trish Guy, said the Naturally Nood bars score between 3 to 4 stars under the new Health Star Rating system, which is a front of pack labelling system that rates products from a score of ½ a star to a maximum of 5 stars, based on their overall nutrition profile.

“Naturally Nood wholefood bars are also great for consumers who enjoy the wholesome goodness of real food,” Ms Guy said. “Each 35 gram bar is packed with yummy, natural ingredients and contains between 140-165 calories, making it a convenient, nutritious and tasty snack on the go,” she said.

Sanitarium said each of the six varieties “contain more than 90 per cent wholefood” such as dates and nuts, with varieties containing, bananas, berries or cocoa. The Company said the Cashew Crush variety has only two ingredients: cashews and dates.

Sanitarium said four varieties have “zero added sugar” (Banana Bread, Cocoa Lamington, Cheeky Cocoa & Cashew Crush), while two varieties are “naturally sweetened with fruit” (Berry Licious Flavour & Cocoa & Orange Tango). The Company said the bars contain “140-165 calories”, are “low in sodium and a source of fibre”.

The Naturally Nood snack bar range has RRP of $2.49 (grocery) or $2.79 (Petrol and Convenience Stores) for each 35g bar. Multipacks of four available in Woolworths at an RRP of $6.99.