5 ways outdated equipment costs your business

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 8th May 2015
5 ways outdated equipment costs your business
5 ways outdated equipment costs your business

Passing on rising costs to suppliers and customers is not often possible. So this pushes cost cutting towards improving procurement practices, increasing operational efficiency and eliminating waste.

Upgrading obsolete or older coding and labelling technologies, as well as through inspection equipment, are two ways this can be done.

Upgrading gives the opportunity to significantly reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), so it’s critical to look at this end-of-packaging line equipment because “no code means no product”.

While many manufacturers go with the idea that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, here are just five reasons why upgrading older/obsolete product ID and inspection equipment is key to controlling costs.

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About Matthews

Matthews Australasia, a family business, is the Australian leader in intelligent product identification, product inspection and software traceability solutions.

Matthews provides technology solutions to help companies code their product with technology that suits their purpose and goals; check all product and packaging to eliminate coding and labelling errors; capture more data on the factory floor in real-time; and manage the process from one point of control.

With more than four decades in the industry, Matthews understands the challenges facing its customers in driving efficient, accurate and cost-effective processes in their supply chains.