Product assurance moves into the 21st century: introducing inSight™

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 12th May 2015

inSight™ is a brand designed to provide consumers and retailers with independently verified information about the products they are about to buy.  It was launched in February 2014 and is available for all food producers and manufacturers to apply.  Applicants are subject to strict assessment, with those eligible being issued with a licence from AsureQuality and allowed to place the inSight™ logo and a QR code on their product packaging. Shoppers can then scan the QR code at the point of sale to access information about the product that has been validated by AsureQuality. The focus of inSight™ is to protect and uphold the reputation and value of products and companies that believe in, and can demonstrate transparency, integrity and safety.inSight Image_milkpowder

This is a new development that takes product assurances into the 21st century.  Consumers want to know more about the food they are eating and inSight™ offers a single mark that addresses multiple interests and concerns.

 The inSight™ brand is used by producers and manufacturers who want to share independently verified information about their product. A key benefit to consumers is that inSight™ provides greater transparency, supporting confidence in a food product before it is purchased.

inSight™ offers producers an independent third party assessment of all stages of production, from raw material sourcing, manufacturing and distribution to the point of sale. It also undertakes due diligence of the product’s supply chain both upstream and downstream to ensure that good manufacturing processes are followed and all product claims are credible. Verified features include, but are not limited to environmental sustainability, social and ethical concerns, nutrition, origin, security, food safety and quality assurance.

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