T-TEC wireless data logger

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 20th May 2015

The new T-TEC wireless data logger from Temperature Technology can regularly send data wirelessly from its installation site to the computer. So downloading a logger just became faster AND easier. The large memory (100,000+ records) means that the device keeps data even if away from the computer.T-TECRFLarge

‘TempReport’ is the new software for these data loggers, storing data in a database, so all data from that data logger is stored and easily accessed. If the new wireless T-TEC data logger is set to wrap around (to write new data over old when the memory is full) and to download regularly, the data file can span months. This software gives an overview over all wireless T-TEC data loggers in your system.

Through ‘TempReport’, you can wirelessly control each logger to start, stop logging, stop alarming, set-up alarms and configure what should happen on alarm. Alarms can be propagated via SMS, email or optional relay on a Gateway (to a siren or light). With cloud subscription (either our cloud or your own), the data and alarms can be propagated across the internet (or an IP network). Control of the data loggers and access to the data can be secured with user access control.

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