Australian-founded SugarWrap introduces new eco-friendly plastic alternatives made from sugar cane

Posted by Media Release Agency on 19th August 2020

In a bid to keep food and the planet fresh, Melbourne founded SugarWrap presents a range of kitchen essentials that are completely sustainable, renewable and carbon positive.

With the debunking of the benefits of biodegradable plastics in recent years, SugarWrap’s sugarcane based Bio-PE and corn PLA renewable products are an eco-friendly solution for Australian households. Shoppers can now buy kitchen plastics that are entirely made from natural materials and are recyclable, in replacement of biodegradable options that take years to break down and are often made from toxic chemicals.

Although the concept of using eco-friendly products is not new to Australians, SugarWrap is one of the few kitchen plastics brands that is environmentally conscious throughout its entire process. SugarWrap’s primary ingredient sugarcane is grown all year round with quality irrigation, maximising sustainability. Crops also pull carbon dioxide from the surrounding atmosphere, reversing the effects of fossil fuel admissions and helping decrease the earth’s GreenHouse Gases.

SugarWrap’s product range includes zip lock bags, bin bags, freezer bags which are recyclable and cling wrap, which also offers a version that is AS 5810:2010 Certified Compostable.

SugarWrap provides easy and affordable solutions to detrimental plastic use and uses end-to-end sustainability principles in the design and production of each and every product, helping made the earth a better place.

The entire suite from SugarWrap is available for purchase now at Woolworths, Harris Farm Markets, IGA, selected local grocers and online via