Harris Farm Markets introduces ‘Curious Cuts’ as ‘alternative’ meat cuts

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 6th July 2015

Harris FarmThe successful and innovative Australian grocery chain, Harris Farm Markets, has introduced an ‘alternative meat cuts’ range.

The range, sold as the “Curious Cuts” line, uses meat not normally sold to Australians. It is being marketed with endorsement by Meat and Livestock Australia as beneficial for meat-hungry consumers as well as for meat-producers desiring to utilise more of their animals in meat.

Shoppers at Harris Farm Market buying ‘Curious Cuts’ can choose from beef chuck ribs, brisket, bavette, tri tip and pork oyster shoulder.

Harris Farm Markets says the new range ensures more meat for consumers and less food being

turned into petfood. The company also says farmers will be able to get more money if the whole animal is valued, and that the meats will offer a cheaper alternative for shoppers.

The intention of ‘Curious Cuts’ follows reports from June 2015 that Pork prices were seeing a rise in Australia as shoppers tried to seek cheaper alternatives to beef and lamb.

Meat and Livestock Australia has also recently launched a mobile phone application which allows shoppers to identify all different types of meat and how to cook them when out shopping.

Curious Cuts are now available for purchase at Harris Farm Markets. Prices are based on meat types and sizes.