CSIRO might have the pear-fect hangover prevention food

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 5th August 2015

PearAustralia’s well-known scientific body, the CSIRO, has discovered the science demonstrating that a certain type of pear can prevent a hangover by consumption before heavy alcohol intake.

Those looking for a fruit to stop a hangover need to be careful however, as the study has only been performed on Korean (or Asian) pears, it is not yet known whether other varieties of pear will help those indulging in alcohol.

Pear juice might be the key as the research participants were given juice instead of whole pears. Lead researcher Professor Manny Noakes has however said that whole pears may have a similar  potential.

Most importantly, the pear must be consumed prior to drinking, once a hangover has begun it is too late.

If the juice is consumed correctly however it can reduce symptoms, especially helping the body deal better with concentrating after drinking.

The pears also demonstrated an ability to lower blood alcohol levels.

According to Professor Noakes, parts of Korean pears work on enzymes which metabolise alcohol faster and slow down/eliminate alcohol absorption.

The CSIRO says that even though there have been many rumours surrounding good hangover avoidance techniques, little research had been done.

The research was done by the CSIRO in conjunction with Horticulture Innovation Australia. The findings are part of a preliminary scoping study with the results yet to be finalised.

Scientists are not limiting the pear research to hangover avoidance, as the CSIRO believes that separate research has revealed that the fruit can  “lower cholesterol, relieve constipation and have anti-inflammatory effects.”

CSIRO scientists now intend to perform a thorough review of existing pear-related science literature.