The gin spike is about cocktails

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 5th August 2015

Charlotte Voisey Hi Res Headshot CHS 002Australian Food News has spoken with international cocktail expert Charlotte Voisey for an explanation of why gin is doing so well in Australian sales. Australian Food News recently reported a market report by Roy Morgan Research showing that gin is surging popularity amongst Australians drinkers.

“Firstly the rise of cocktail culture, globally, has seen a restoration of a classic age where gin was the original spirit of the cocktail. What was once old is new again and revered,” said Voisey.

“The ‘second coming’ of gin is more approachable. Brands like Hendrick’s Gin have opened the door to using botanicals such as rose and cucumber to allow for a variety of flavours that are mixed in a wider selection of fresh cocktails than ever before. This has attracted more drinkers,” she added.

Voisey says bartenders can compare different gins to recognise what makes them different from one another.

“ Moreover they should have fun with gin and explore the endless flavour combinations it can inspire in a cocktail,” said Voisey.

Vodka a stayer, but other spirits on the rise

Despite the upward spike in gin, vodka still remains Australia’s favourite white spirit of choice according to the latest Roy Morgan Research, something which is also reflected in overseas trends.

“Vodka is still the most popular spirit in America,” said Voisey.

“By very make up vodka has no flavour so cannot possibly offend anyone. It mixes with everything and is a very useful canvas for bartenders who wish to experiment with exotic fruits and other esoteric ingredients.  Vodka was also made sexy on TV by James Bond and Sex in the City – that influence is clearly still effective!”

Vodka might not be going anywhere anytime soon but gin is not the only spirit giving it a good run for its money.

“Tequila and more specifically Mezcal are very much “in” at the moment,”  said Voisey.

“Rum is also having a moment alongside the return of Tiki culture and cocktails. Irish Whiskey too,” she said.

Trend-setting bars

“Spirit and Cocktail drinking trends are often driven by the industry’s top bartenders. Just see what the guys who run bars like The Dead Rabbit in New York, the Artesian in London or Black Pearl in Melbourne are into and wait for the trend to trickle down,” Voisey concluded.

Charlotte Voisey is a London-born bartending expert who will be presenting talks at the 2015 Top Shelf Boutique Drinks Festival at Melbourne’s Royal Exhibition Hall on the 8th- 9th of August 2015.