Nespresso launches new single-origin coffee pods

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 10th August 2015

NespressoNespresso has launched a new coffee-pod offering in Australia.

The new pods are Espresso Origin Brazil and Lungo origin Guatemala. Both flavours are single-origin coffees meaning the coffee comes from one place instead of being a mixture of beans from different places.

Nespresso is the espresso coffee capsule brand owned by Nestle. The company currently sells both machines and coffee capsules for home and business and hospitality use.

The pods are part of Nespresso’s Grand Cru collection and are sold exclusively to businesses and the hospitality industry.

The addition of the pods brings Nespresso’s out-of-home offerings up to eleven.

Espresso Origin Brazil: Best suited to mild espresso drinkers. The coffee has a smooth texture and has a lightly sweet cereal taste.

Nespresso Lungo Origin Guatemala: A blend of Arabica and Robusta beans from Guatemala. Designed for those who want a stronger coffee. It is described as dry and has malty cereal notes.

Nespresso say that the single-origin offerings were introduced after customer demand.

The Nespresso Espresso Origin Brazil and Lungo Origin Guatemala is available for purchase from Nespresso online platforms. The recommended retail price is $0.65 per capsule.