Freedom Foods extends Messy Monkeys kids range

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 23rd April 2018

The new Messy Monkeys popcorn

Freedom Foods is expanding its Messy Monkeys children’s range to now include popcorn.

Messy Monkeys now offers two popcorn varieties – lightly salted and lightly sweet & salty. Both flavour varieties are sold in 130g packs of 10 x 13g individual servings.

Both flavours have a 4-star health rating.

Freedom Foods first launched its Messy Monkeys children’s brand in July 2017 to sell ‘wholegrain bite snacks’. Since the launch, Messy Monkeys was named as a finalist in the children’s nutrition range category at the World Food Innovation Awards.

Nutritional Advisor for Freedom Foods, Dr Joanna McMillan, said Messy Monkeys new popcorn range is a good lunch box snack for children as it is wholegrain and low in salt and sugar.

“This popcorn is one of the simplest wholegrain snacks you can get – it literally is popped wholegrain corn kernels,” Dr McMillan said.

“These snacks are a delicious way of helping kids meet their wholegrain recommendations and it’s a snack they’ll love!”

Messy Monkeys popcorn is available now at Coles supermarket with a recommended retail price of AUD $5.00.


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