Potato buyers favour pre-packaged

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 10th August 2015

PotatoesNew quantified research has confirmed that Australians prefer to purchase pre-packaged potatoes rather than potatoes on the loose.

The latest report from AUSVEG consumer research project, Potato Tracker, has shown that consumers believe one to two kilogram packages are the ideal sizes for bagged spuds.

“Twenty-four per cent of those surveyed indicated a preference for one kilogram bags that offer convenience, while a further 28 per cent said they would like two kilogram bags that also offer value,” said AUSVEG spokesperson Alexander Miller.

“Research has shown that smaller, one kilogram bags are suited to households without children, while bigger bags offer consistently fresh potatoes for larger families,” said Mr Miller.

“Further, only eight per cent of consumers indicated that they don’t purchase pre-packaged potatoes. With so many Australians choosing bagged spuds, there is a great opportunity to tailor products to specific markets.”

“As the demographics of Australia continue to evolve and with more people living on their own, we are seeing a change in preferences amongst consumers and see this as an opportunity for potato growers and retailers.”

Another promising statistic for the potato industry showed that over 95 per cent of Australians intend to continue purchasing the same amount of potatoes, or more, in the future than they currently do.

“It is important that the industry continues to produce products that appeal to consumers’ wants and needs, ensuring that the potato remains one of Australia’s most popular vegetables,” said Mr Miller.

The Potato Tracker project is being conducted in consultation with AUSVEG and the industry by consumer research organisation, Colmar Brunton, and is designed to measure consumer behaviour and perceptions in relation to potatoes.

This project has been funded by Horticulture Innovation Australia Ltd using the National Fresh Potato Levy and matched funds from the Australian Government.