Coke offers small bottles following earlier reduced can size moves

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 26th August 2015

CokeCoca-Cola South Pacific has announced its 450ml bottles will be reducing in size to 390ml. Coke says its customers want smaller-serving sizes.


The move comes after the successful launch of the 250ml small-sized can in August 2014. According to Coca-Cola South Pacific, product size now represents 12 per cent of total single serve sales and has seen significant transaction growth compared with the larger–sized single-serve options.


The 250ml can is available in 30 per cent of retail outlets across Australia and 50 per cent of grocery outlets.


Marketing Director for Coca-Cola South Pacific, Lisa Winn said “right now it is clear that smaller packages are offering the perfect treat size refreshment.”


Trend to downsize packaging


Australian Food News has reported earlier concerns by leading consumer advocacy group CHOICE about a trend for food companies to downsize packaging without lowering prices adequately.


CHOICE’s campaign on this issue was also reported by Australian Food News as early as September 2014.


Coke’s latest media release made no mention of any effect of the smaller sizes on pricing of its products.


Interestingly, Coke has said that the change to smaller sizes is driven by consumer demand for smaller portions. There has been research (albeit in the UK a few years ago) that the majority of consumers ignore portion size information.


But consumers have less choice in portion size if the manufacturer has actually reduced the size of the packaged product. Will the consumer buy an extra serve? If not, the company may have no choice but to stick within the same pricing range.