Luv-a-Duck develops moisture infused duck range

Posted by Andrea Hogan on 11th December 2017

Duck producer, Luv-a-Duck, has launched a range of moisture infused duck breast.

The moisture-infused duck protects against dryness and is said to be ideal for high-volume kitchens where consistency is key.

Each breast is 260g-280g, helping to create uniformity on the plate and cutting down on preparation time.

To help launch the new range, Luv-a-Duck has partnered with chefs, Andrew Blake and Geoff Lindsay, to create two recipes featuring the duck.

Luv-a-Duck moisture infused duck is available now through Luv-a-Duck food service.

About Luv-a-Duck

Luv-a-Duck was founded in 1968 when Arthur Shoppee decided to raise a handful of ducks in his backyard before discovered a demamand for duck meat in Australia.

Luv-a-Duck products are today sold in Australian supermarkets.


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