Shoppers buying more ‘convenient’ vegetables

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 21st September 2015

MilkThe latest study from AUSVEG’s Project Harvest has found that Australians are buying more vegetables which are convenient to use and do not create left-overs.


Project Harvest found over the last eight months consumers brought an increasing amount of individual and pre-packaged vegetables.


According to the study shoppers are purchasing these types of vegetables so nothing goes to waste and because they are only planning meals a couple of days in advance. AUSVEG spokesperson Kert Hermann said that the survey showed that some shoppers were constantly going to the supermarket.


“These findings really reflect the fact that some Australians are treating supermarkets like extensions of their own fridges,” said Hermann.


“When they go vegetable shopping, these consumers are only planning a couple of meals ahead, because they’ll return in a night or two. This means that they’re looking for portion sizes that they can grab, use immediately and have nothing left over,” Herman continued.


“In some cases this leads them to buying loose leaves, or convenient formats like salad trays and small pre-packaged bags. In other cases, it means they’re only looking to buy one or two broccoli heads or chillies instead of a full tray.”


The study also found that a selection of shoppers are not buying certain fresh vegetables at all in an effort to avoid waste. Project Harvest said that 40 per cent of shoppers reported not buying additional lettuce so nothing would end up in the bin.


“Australian growers could capitalise on this trend by offering consumer-driven products, like pre-packing fresh vegetables in single-meal servings, either by themselves or mixed together,” said Hermann.


“By offering vegetables to shoppers in easy-to-enjoy formats, the vegetable industry could help Australians make healthy diet choices and increase overall vegetable consumption.”


AUSVEG is the representative body for Australian vegetable growers.


Project Harvest


Project Harvest is funded by Horticulture Innovation Australia using the National vegetable Levy and funds from the Australian Government.