Pre-moistened swabs for easy sampling of food contact surfaces

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 28th September 2015

When screening your production environment for total counts, coliforms or pathogens, microbiological swabbing is still the gold standard. Dry tipped swabs need to be moistened manually by the operator prior to taking a sample to ensure any micro organisms are able to be effectively picked up. This usually means carrying around a saline bottle which is cumbersome, inconvenient and is prone to contamination.TS6-61

To overcome this, the Pre-Moist Hygiene Swab from TSC UK is now available. The swab contains enough diluent to moisten the tip for your convenience and comes in its own self sealing tube. So, simply take the swab sample and return to the tube ready for immediate testing or transport to external laboratory.

Importantly the diluent used is a neutralising buffer which prevents inhibition of growth by sanitizers that can also be picked up during swabbing, and complies with ISO18593. This provides far greater confidence in your results.

The Pre-Moist Hygiene Swab is ready to use and is available in a pack size of 160 swabs.

For further information, samples or a demonstration please contact AMSL Scientific

02 9882 3666