SBS to launch free-to-air food TV channel in Australia

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 30th September 2015

television-remote-control-525705_640SBS has announced it will be launching Australia’s first  free-to-air channel solely dedicated to food.


The channel will go live in November 2015 and is set to air a variety of programs focused around food, cooking and food-inspired travel.


SBS already has three other free-to-air stations; SBS, SBS 2 and NITV.


Michael Ebeid, Managing Director of SBS, said that food was one of the station’s strongest and well-known genres.


“The channel will take one of our strongest and well-known genres to new heights,” said Ebeid. “We know how much audiences love to be taken on a journey of culinary and cultural discovery with our food shows every Thursday night. This new channel is an opportunity to extend that offering with a world of food programming available all day, every day, for free.”


Ebeid further stated that the channel was a way of capturing audiences in an increasingly competitive and fund-sensitive media environment.


SBS has entered into an agreement with ‘Scripps Networks Interactive’ who will provide content for the channel. Scripps Network Interactive already produces content for pay-television channels like the Food Network.