Halloween campaign in Australia coincides with Australian WWI history

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 28th October 2015

FantaCoca-Cola South Pacific has launched a multi-channel advertising campaign for Fanta to promote Halloween in Australia.


Halloween, also known as AllHalloween or All Hallows’ Eve, is a yearly celebration observed in the United States and a number of other countries on the 31 October. Although 31 October coincides with the Western Christian feast of All Hallows’ Day (hence the name “Halloween”), its origins actually derive from an ancient, pre-Christian Celtic Festival of the dead. So, in order for Christian missionaries to convert and change the religious practices of the Celtic people, their festivities glorifying the dead were transported into the Halloween tradition. In the United States, this has been commercialised with product promotions for many years.


Australia adapts to Halloween


Halloween celebration is a relatively new phenomenon in Australia, introduced mainly through product promotional campaigns of American-based manufacturers.


Celebrating Beersheba Day too?


Interestingly, 31 October is the occasion of a celebration unique to Australians, although not as well publicised.


On 31 October 1917, Australia’s Desert Mounted Corps led the famous charge of Beersheba by the 4th Light Horse Brigade, probably the most stunning victory by Australia in any battle or war in Australian history.


The victory by the Australian horsemen, under the command of Lieutenant General Harry Chauvel against the Turks was the beginning of a successful Australian campaign that led to the collapse of the Turkish Ottoman empire, and turned the tide of WWI in the Middle East.


The Fanta campaign


Building on its ‘Tastes Like’ tagline, Coca-Cola South Pacific says it is aiming to take advantage of the growing popularity of Halloween in Australia. The soft drink giant’s research states that 25 per cent of all Australians currently celebrate Halloween.


Coca-Cola South Pacific’s campaign targets both mothers and teenagers. Mother’s will be reached through a strategic partnership with recipe brand Taste and celebrity Kate Ritchie. Teenagers will be targeted through social media and other out-of-home avenues.


Fanta packaging has already been changed to include Halloween themes and in-store supermarket displays have been arranged.


Ramona Spiteri, Brand Manager for Fanta Coca-Cola South Pacific said that Halloween has played a role in growing the Fanta portfolio within Australia across the past few years.


“Fanta is the perfect brand to capitalise on this occasion due to its playful positioning, tying in perfectly with the values and fun of Halloween,” said Spiteri.
“This year, we have developed our biggest Halloween campaign to date and we are confident of making FANTA the treat of choice for the spooky celebrations,” Spiteri said.