Ensure every product metal-contaminant free

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 9th November 2015

Metal detection systems help you ensure that every product leaving your factory door is free from metal contaminants.

Easily installed and integrated into your production line, metal detection systems are a reliable and cost-effective way to protect your brand from product recalls and withdrawals.

But what if your products have a high moisture content or are packaged in metallised film — two traditional challenges to metal detection systems?

Varicon SA Metalldetektor
Varicon SA Metalldetektor

Made in Germany by Bizerba, our Varicon metal detection systems have maximum sensitivity.

Mark Dingley, General Manager of Matthews, says, “That means, even if your products have a high moisture content or are packaged in metallised film, the Varicon will detect metal contaminants. A GHF coil gives a new dimension in detection sensitivity and accuracy, combined with high resistance to interference; while multi-frequency technology is also available for optimal product recognition.”

The Varicon identifies all ferrous metals and non-ferrous materials (such as glass and stones) in packaged and unpackaged items — quickly and reliably. Combined with Bizerba separating systems, your operators can rapidly eject packages containing contaminants.

Two more features are:

  • The multi-product memory, which stores information for up to 240 products, allowing simple installation and exceptional overall product performance.
  • Suitability for the food industry with an IP 65 rated system that has stainless steel to comply with strict hygiene specifications (HACCP, IFS, GMP and ISO 9000).

Mark says, “With the extensive range of accessories, Matthews can configure up to 200 different, totally individual systems, ensuring a custom-built solution that will fit your plant and needs perfectly.

“Matthews can seamlessly integrate a metal detection system into your production line, including with your Bizerba CWE checkweighers and the GLM-I Series weigh price labellers. We can also integrate your metal detection system with your coding and labelling systems — all managed by our iDSnet software.

“Being easy to install and operate, you can get up and running with your metal detection system quickly and easily.”

Contact us to find out how our metal detection systems can help your business.

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