Lindt joins the westward rush of Australian food retailers

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 18th November 2015

LindtLindt & Sprungli is expanding its ‘Lindt’ chocolate stores into South Australia with an Adelaide shop to open in December 2015.


Lindt says its new stores will offer a wider selection of chocolates than what is sold in supermarkets and other retail outlets. The shop will also stock hampers for the holiday season.


Prior to this  announcement, Lindt operated eight chocolate cafes in Australia plus another five Lindt chocolate shops spread between Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.


Lindt is also in competition with Belgian chocolate group Guylian which recently announced its  plan to open 30 stores across Australia over four years with at least one shop in each state and territory.


Westward expansion trend


Lindt and Guylian are not the only retailers from Australia’s east coast expanding westward.


In October 2014 Aldi supermarkets announced its expansion plans for South Australia and Western Australia.


Coles’ Supermarkets revealed expansion plans for Western Australia when its parent company Wesfarmers was allowed to acquire a number of independent chain Progressive Supa IGA supermarkets in September 2014.


Meanwhile, in April 2014, Woolworths Limited said it would be creating 4, 500 jobs in South Australia with plans to open 11 stores over the following six years.