Supermarkets hit Australia’s TV screens with competing Christmas campaigns

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 18th November 2015

Woolworths, Coles and Aldi have released the first of their respective supermarket Christmas advertisements for the upcoming festive season.


Woolworths’ campaign  


Woolworths’ first Christmas advertisement includes a range of different families experiencing Christmas in their own way with footage in the advertisement looking as if shot on an iPhone to create a “home video” feel.


Humour comes across with a man setting up a Christmas tree saying “doing this without swearing is a challenge” while an elderly women accuses her husband of burning the chops on the BBQ.


A second advertisement posted online describes “Eva and Michael’s famous Christmas” with the domestic couple elaborating how they are preparing for the big day.



Coles’ campaign  


Coles has chosen to adopt its “Coles Fresh” jingle with festive season lyric changes for this time of year. The first of Coles Christmas advertisements includes its employees singing and dancing along to the tune along with its celebrity chef ambassador, Curtis Stone.


The film sequence also contains plenty of shots of everyday Australians enjoying celebrations in their own ways.



Aldi’s campaign  


The Aldi advertising message also shows a connection with everyday Australians in celebratory experiences.


Using a lot of humour, its first Christmas advertisement includes everything from a man losing his temper over wrapping presents to the scenario of a child waking his parents to open presents before daylight.