Nestle gets a heap of publicity for gold leaf coated Kit Kats in Japan

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 23rd November 2015
Traditional Kit Kats
Traditional Kit Kats

Nestle has released 500 single gold leaf covered Kit Kats to be sold in Japan only.


Unlike a usual Kit Kat, the ‘Sublime Gold Kit Kat’ comes in a single bar instead of the traditional four bar serving.


The gold leaf covered chocolates will be sold for the equivalent of approximately AUD$23 in department stores across Japan.


Different to many other countries, Nestle sells a wide variety of unique Kit-Kat flavours in Japan. Regularly available flavours include green tea, port wine and wasabi. Limited-edition varieties have included pumpkin flavour for Halloween and a cheese cake offering designed to be baked in the oven and eaten hot.


In the past few years Nestle has expanded its Australian Kit Kat flavours to include options such as choc-mint whirl and cookies and cream.