Rosella seeks to win back its lost generation

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 25th November 2015

RosellaFor many older Australians Rosella is synonymous with tomato sauce.


“I remember the iconic glass bottle sitting on my grandmother’s kitchen table,” Rosella CEO Dan Presser said.


“And then my mother would serve it to me too,” said Presser.


But some rocky roads over the past 20 years has meant many younger Australian’s have missed out on these associations and memories with the Rosella brand says Presser. Creating what he refers to as his “lost generation”, Presser is now on a mission to connect this generation with Rosella which turns 120 years old in 2015.


Almost missing its 120th birthday, Rosella was found by in 1895 by TJ Press and his business partner HJ MacCracken in Carlton, Victoria. In 1963 the brand was acquired by Unilever which then went on to own the brand for approximately 40 years.


It was under the ownership of Gourmet Food Holdings and Waterwheel that Rosella was under threat as its parent companies were placed into receivership. Presser’s company Sabrands Australia, which owns Sunraysia juices, however came to the rescue in 2013 and bought Rosella.


Ever since that point Presser says it has been his mission to keep Australia’s first tomato sauce brand alive.


“Rosella is part of Australia’s DNA,” said Presser.


But how do you keep running a company true to its founder’s vision whilst maintaining innovation and competing against global brands?


“Our focus is on maintaining the vision of the original founders,” said Presser.


“But innovation is still important. Innovation can play out in packaging, ingredients, etc. I want Rosella to be anything it wants to be. It does not have to necessarily just be sauces or chutney,” Presser added.


“I want my grandchildren and your grandchildren to taste Rosella products. It’s why teaching our consumers is so important,” said Presser.


Rosella’s products are currently available for purchase at Coles, Woolworths and IGA supermarkets Australia wide.