Dispute over winners in Arnott’s, Coles and Woolworths battle

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 2nd December 2015

Major manufacturer Campbells-Arnott’s appears to have developed a keen negotiating strategy to obtain a higher price from Coles for its popular Tim Tam range with Woolworths conducting a high-volume Tim Tam sales campaign at the same time.


Earlier in the year, Campbell Soup Co, the owner of Arnott’s, requested Coles to implement a price rise for Arnott’s Tim Tams and other popular Arnott’s biscuit varieties such as Scotch Fingers, Monte Carlo, Teddy Bears and Tee Vee Snacks.


When Coles opposed the Tim Tam price increase claiming it to be unjustified, Campbell Soup – Arnott’s halted its supplies of Tim Tams to Coles. When Coles yielded on the Tim Tams product, Coles rejected further price increase for Campbell Soup Co products including Adriano Zumbo Tim Tam varieties, Twisted Faves and some Campbell’s stock, and stopped purchasing.


Woolworths puts Adriano Zumbo Tim Tams on sale


However, at the same time as Coles was at loggerheads with Campbell’s – Arnott’s, Woolworths began a special sales campaign for the no-longer-stocked by Coles Adriano Zumbo Tim Tams, on sale for 30 per cent discount. The special is expected to continue for the rest of this week.


Woolworths has not revealed whether it has been asked to increase prices like Coles stating it does not release information about its dealings with suppliers.


Arnott’s media representative has not responded to Australian Food News’ request for comments.


A win for Coles too?


While some consumers have expressed panic over the unavailability of their favourite biscuits, other customers have taken to online social media thanking Coles for trying to keep prices down.


Comments such as these ones, favourable to Coles, have begun to fill the Coles Facebook page:


“Thank you Coles for sticking up for us little people by refusing Arnott’s price rises on Tim Tams,” one customer posted on the Coles Facebook page.


“Well done Coles – no Arnott’s bic’s for me ever, I’m sure I can find another brand,” said another comment on the Coles Facebook page.