CHOICE continues free-range egg fight with new app

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 13th April 2016

CHOICEAustralian consumer advocacy group CHOICE is launching a free app to help shoppers identify different types of free range eggs.

The group is launching the app after Consumer Affairs Ministers’ decided to allow producers to call eggs which come from 10, 000 birds per hectare free range. CHOICE has been a long-time advocate for eggs to be labelled free range only if they come from 1, 500 birds per hectare farms.

CHOICE’s spokesperson Tom Godfrey said the app will let consumers scan barcodes on egg cartons and find out what type of farming situation the eggs come from.

“The app gives power back to consumers, helping them navigate the free-range egg market,” Godfrey said.

Consumers who do not wish to use the app will be able to read on the cartons what type of farming situations free range eggs come from under the new regulations.