Aldi launches new private label ice cream for summer

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 7th December 2015

Milfina-Summer-Delight-Ice-Cream-1Aldi has launched a new ice cream for summer under its ‘Milfina’ private label.


The product is a stick-based ice cream called “Summer Delight” which comes in packs of six. It consist of caramel and vanilla flavoured ice cream which is dipped in chocolate and wrapped in biscuit pieces.


According to Aldi, the ice cream contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.


Aldi will be selling the ice creams from January 2016 for AUD$3.99.


Other competitors in the ice creams in the market


According to Nielsen figures listed in Retail World’s December 2014 annual report, the indulgence ice cream grocery market in Australia is segmented as follows (figures are percentage shares):


  • 3 (produced Britain’s R&R Ice Cream under its ‘Peter’s’ brand)
  • Magnum 16.2 (Unilever under its ‘Street’s’ brand)
  • Connoisseur 21.1 (produced Britain’s R&R Ice Cream under its ‘Peter’s’ brand)
  • Sara Lee 9.2
  • Cornetto 4.1(Unilever under its ‘Street’s’ brand)
  • Golden Gaytime 2.3
  • Maxibon 3.6
  • Cadbury 2.1
  • Mars 0.9
  • Snickers 0.8
  • Bulla Creamy Classic 1.0
  • Ben & Jerry’s 0.3
  • Maggie Beer 0.7
  • Private Label 13.7


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