FSANZ warns on looming 18 Jan 2016 deadline on food health claims

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 11th January 2016

Australia’s food agency approves new version of the Food Standards Code

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) has issued a strong reminder to all food businesses and retailers that they must be compliant with the new Nutrition and Health Claims Standard. The transition period for non-compliance runs out on 18 January 2016.


The three year transitional period had previously permitted products to carry health claims that were acceptable under the old transitional Health Claims Standard 1.1A.2. By contrast, the new Nutrition and Health Claims Standard 1.2.7 requires compliance with a very different set of rules as well as special nutrition profile scoring criteria, in order to be eligible to make a health claim for a food product in Australia.


FSANZ has warned all food businesses that they must be familiar with the requirements of Standard 1.2.7, and refers businesses to their nutrition and health claims guidance document published in December 2014, “Getting Your Claims Right – A guide to complying with the Nutrition, Health and Related Claims Standard of the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code” or to seek legal compliance advice.


FSANZ Acting Chief Executive Officer Peter May says that “Food businesses making nutrition or health claims should familiarise themselves with the requirements in the standard.”


“A guidance document, which has been prepared by food regulators and is on the FSANZ website, will help businesses decide whether they can make nutrition or health claims,” May said.


“If businesses require more information they should seek legal advice or contact their local food enforcement agency,” he added.


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