Krispy Kreme launches Australia Day themed doughnuts range through 7-Eleven

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 13th January 2016

Krispy KremeKrispy Kreme has launched an Australian Day themed doughnut range to be sold in its stores and 7-Eleven convenience shops.


The range includes:


  • Lamington: A rectangle shaped doughnut with jam and cream filling. The top of the doughnut is dipped in chocolate and covered with desiccated coconut.
  • Vanilla Slice: Another rectangle shaped doughnut with custard filling and white icing on top. It is finished off with chocolate ganache swirls.
  • Pavlova Passion: An original glaze doughnut with cream, passionfruit sauce and meringue crumble. This doughnut is only available at Krispy Kreme outlets and not at 7-Eleven stores.
  • Original Glaze: Krispy Kreme’s plain original glaze doughnut has also been included as part of the Australia Day range.


The range will only be available until 26 January 2016 (Australia Day). Prices start from AUD$2.50.


Interestingly, both Krispy Kreme and 7-Eleven are brands that originated from the USA and have been naturalised by their Australian popularity. The Australia Day launch follows the trend of new product campaigns centred on special public holidays or civic celebrations. In October 2015 Coca-Cola South Pacific invested heavily in attempting to associate its Fanta drink with Halloween in Australia.