Australians shocked by food served to elderly

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 6th February 2017

A video revealing some of the types of foods typically to elderly Australian’s in care facilities has gone viral online.

The video was produced by The Lantern Project, an initiative which is aiming the improve the quality of food served to the elderly.

In the video, younger Australians are served a meal of pureed food that is then all mixed together, which is sometimes how food can be served in aged care facilities due to time constraints.

Surprised at the standard of the meal, they are instead served meals where the pureed foods have been shaped as the original foods would be, something which is encouraged to help improve the quality, presentation and enjoyment of the meal.


The video encourages viewers to visit The Lantern Project’s website,  and for viewers to share their own experiences of eating at aged care facilities. These experiences will inform The Lantern Project in further ways to lift the overall standard of meal service for elderly Australians.

Numerous experts from leading aged care and food and nutrition experts are involved in The Lantern Project. The team includes Cherie Hugo from My Nutrition Clinic, celebrity chef Maggie Beer, former royal chef Peter Morgan Jones now of Hammond Care, and FoodLegal which provides pro-bono food compliance advice for the project.


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