Nespresso releases new coffee pods

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 18th January 2016

NespressoNestle’s Nespresso has released two new “limited-edition” coffee pods.


The first pod is called “Umutima wa Lake Kivu” and its beans are sourced from Rwanda. Half of the beans are only lightly roasted to “highlight its juicy fruit notes”. The other half of the beans are roasted for a longer period to help create texture. Nespresso says this pod works well with milk and can be best enjoyed as a latte, cappuccino or as a macchiato.


The second pod is called “Tanim de Chiapas” and its beans come from Mexico. The beans in this pod are similarly split-roasted with one half slowly roasted to create nutty and bready notes. The other beans undergo a darker roasting to develop a smooth texture. The pod is best enjoyed as a ristretto or espresso but can still be used to make lattes, cappuccinos or other milk-based coffees.


The pods will be available from Nespresso stores and online from 20 January 2016 for a limited period, priced at AUD$9.30 for 10 pods. Each pod makes one coffee.