Kit Kat Australia launches golden Chinese New Year flavour celebration from its own retail outlet

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 25th January 2016

Nestlé’s Kit Kat has launched a number of “limited edition” Kit-Kat’s in Australia plus a gold leaf option selling for the hefty price of $88.


The new Kit Kats coincide with the celebration of the approaching Chinese New Year. The new range are being sold from the new retail outlet known as the ‘Kit Kat Studio’ recently opened in Melbourne’s retail heart, Melbourne Central. Customers will have the chose of Chinese flavours including tangerine crème brulee, taro and black sesame, red bean and toasted coconut, almond cookie and the more pricey gold flavour.


The gold option includes Phoenix Oolong tea leaves from China along with lychee and rose petals. Nestle says it will be only making 88 of the bars and are selling them for $88 as the number 8 is considered lucky in Chinese culture.


All the other flavours will be sold for only $6 with all options on sale from 8am on Thursday 28 January 2016.


Australian Food News comments that this marketing campaign signifies a further example of a growing trend for melding Asian consumer tastes with long-established brands in Australia.


Manufacturers and marketers in Australia appear to be gaining a better understanding of the popularity of their products in changing demographic and ethnic mixes of Australian consumers.


At the same time as launching these limited-edition Kit Kats Nestle has also introduced two other flavours into Australian supermarkets, salted caramel whirl and coconut whirl. These two flavours come in 170g blocks and are available at Woolworths for $4.50.