Nestle and Mars launch new chocolate bars at the same time

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 3rd February 2016

SNICKERS 3 NUTSNestle is releasing a 45g Milkybar with toasted coconut flakes added throughout. Milkybar is Nestle’s white chocolate brand.


Mars is launching its ‘limited edition’ ‘Snickers 3 Nuts’ which contains roasted peanuts, hazelnuts and almonds. Normal Snickers bars only include peanuts mixed in with chocolate, caramel and nougat. Snickers 3 Nuts is available in a 45g bar and a 65g “2-Pak” bar which is broken up into two servings.


The Mars and Nestle chocolates are available for purchase now from Coles supermarkets across Australia. Prices for both brands start at AUD$2.00.