Australian beetroot juice in hot demand by Dubai royalty

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 10th February 2016

BeetrootAn Australian farmer has struck purple gold selling beetroot juice to a Dubai prince looking for a secret weapon to feed his racing horses.


Speaking to The Weekly Times about his lucky turn of events, Victorian farmer Sean Croft said he was sceptical when he first received an email from a representative of the Crown Prince of Dubai.


He however told the paper that he took a second email more seriously after it included in-depth details. Since then Croft’s Arahura Farms has been exporting 20 tonnes of beetroots to Dubai every ten days. The beetroot is turned into juice that is believed to help blood carry more oxygen.


Croft told The Weekly Times that the climate of his Nyah West located farm allowed him to grow beetroots all year round, something which appealed to the Prince when he was looking for a supplier.