‘Product of the Year’ 2016 award winners

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 15th February 2016

McCainsThe best new food products in Australia over the past 12 months have been revealed after Nielsen surveyed more than 14, 000 Australian consumers to find of the Product of the Year in each product category.


Woolworths performed well with six of its private label food products category winners. Coles received four awards for its private label food products and Aldi received five food related foods. Aldi performed strongly in the awards overall taking out a total of 12 wins when including non-food related products.


Product of the Year Director Sarah Connelly said the awards reflect that Australian consumers are increasingly opening up to trying new Aldi products.


“It’s all about value for money and shoppers won’t be swayed by cheap and inferior products – not for long anyway – so the quality has to be there to make an impact and result in repeat purchases,” Connelly said.


Key trends revealed form awards


The 2016 awards also revealed some key information about Australia’s consumption and shopping habits including:


  • More than 35 per cent of shoppers say they would buy a new product if it won Product of the Year
  • Young shoppers are more likely to buy products with the Product of the Year logo than older shoppers
  • Over half of shoppers claim to have bought new products in the last 12 months. Trialists of new products are more likely to be female and be in the 25 – 54 year age groups.


List of Product of the Year Awards 2016 food winners


  • Moser Roth Mousse Assortment 187.5g by Aldi for chocolate blocks
  • Specially Selected Desserts in Glass 60g by Aldi for desserts and pastries
  • Casa Barelli Italian Ristorante Flavoured Pizza Bases 2pk by Aldi for pizza
  • Specially Selected Pasta Sauces 400g by Aldi for sauces
  • Deli Originals Snack N Go 80g by Aldi for snacks to go
  • Brown Brothers Grape Tree by Brown Brothers for liquor
  • Ginger Beer and Pear by Buderim Ginger for beverage
  • Macabela Choc ’macadamia Spread by MBuderim Ginger for spreads
  • Gravox Single Serve Gravy and Finishing Sauce by Cerebos for stock and gravy
  • New Flavours In Grill Range by Coles for easy entertaining meat
  • Frozen Crumbed Fish by Coles for frozen/ready to eat fish
  • Slow Cooked Ready to Pull Meats by Coles for meal solution meat
  • Microwavable Soup pouches by Coles for soup
  • Vitasoy Coconut milk Unsweetened by Lion for healthy living
  • Slow Cooked Duck For You – Duck Legs by Luv A Duck for ready to eat poultry
  • McCain Roasts for frozen sides
  • Certified Organic Petfood – Single Serve by Nature’s Gift Australia for pet food
  • Nescafe Blend 43 Smooth and Creamy by Nestle for coffee
  • Fruttare Smoothie by Unilever for ice cream – single serve
  • Blue Ribbon Golden Gaytime Classic 1.25L Tub by Unilever for ice cream tub
  • Woolworths Reduced Sugar Cereal 300g by Woolworths for cereal
  • Macro Thai Style Carrot Dip 200g by Woolworths for dips
  • Woolworths Gold Vintage Cheddar Cauliflower Cheese 595g by Woolworths for heat and serve fresh vegetable sides
  • Woolworths Gold Savour Biscuits by Woolworths for entertaining and snacking
  • Created with Jamie Bombay Chicken Meal Kit by Woolworths for meal kits
  • Brown Rice Chips by Sunrice for entertaining/snacking (gluten free)
  • Street Snack by Sunrice for heat and serve – snacks/slides