Arnott’s partners with Lion to launch two irresistible new biscuit collaborations

Posted by Media Release Agency on 16th July 2020

Can you resist the biscuit? Australia’s favourite biscuit company have teamed up with Lion, the leader of Australia’s milk beverage market, to create a delicious range of flavoured milk-inspired biscuits for your snacking pleasure.

Set to tempt taste buds across Australia (yet again!), Arnott’s baking experts are thrilled to announce that its latest stroke of brilliance will hit biscuit aisles this week.

The two new flavours, inspired by two classic Aussie drinks – Dare Iced Coffee and Dairy Farmers Chocolate Milk – will be transforming two iconic biscuits for a limited time.

Citra Yunika, Arnott’s Brand Manager says:

“Arnott’s has a wide range of biscuit flavours and textures to meet many needs, but these two new biscuits are completely different!

“We are thrilled to be teaming up with Lion to replicate flavours from their much loved on-the-go milk drinks and combine them with our crowd pleasers – TeeVee Snacks and Slice.

“From the delectable flavour combination of Iced Coffee with Arnott’s real milk chocolate, or the exciting Dairy Farmers Milk Chocolate infused with Arnott’s famous TeeVee Snacks – we can’t wait for Australians to try and enjoy!”

Flavour Notes

DARE Iced Coffee Slice

This smooth milk chocolate biscuit combines the delicious flavour of Dare Iced Coffee with the shape and texture of Arnott’s Mint Slice. At first bite you’ll taste milk chocolate with espresso coffee and creamy dairy notes melting together with a crunchy chocolate biscuit base with every bite. This one is set to be a new fan favourite after dinner treat.

TeeVee Snacks Dairy Farmers Chocolate Milk

Fusing TeeVee Snacks with Dairy Farmers Chocolate Milk, these bottle-shaped-biscuit snacks have a firm crunchy bite. With sweet vanilla and chocolate/cocoa notes with creamy dairy notes and finishes with a lingering milk chocolate

Availability and Pricing

Experience these two new flavours when they hit shelves in the biscuit aisle at Coles, Woolworths and independent supermarkets in mid-July.


  • Arnott’s TeeVee Snacks x Dairy Farmers Chocolate Milk: $3.65
  • Arnott’s x DARE Iced Coffee Slice: $3.65