Australians fed up with food trends

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 9th March 2016

KaleAustralians are tired of food trends and fad diets says new Galaxy research released this week.


The Galaxy Research study reported that 94 per cent of all Australians believe eating the latest fad food has become a ‘status symbol’. Nine out of ten Australians also have “have an issue” with food trends, or think they are overrated.


Australians are instead eating simply with 81 per cent saying they believe a simple approach to a healthy diet is better suited to the Australian lifestyle.


Galaxy Research is an Australian market research company based in Sydney.


According to Galaxy Research 61 per cent of regular breakfast cereal eaters are more likely to eat low sugar foods and 46 per cent are more likely to eat low fat foods.


One in ten Australians currently follow a speciality diet. However, 48 per cent of people said their diet was not focused solely on losing weight. The study was sponsored by Uncle Toby’s which is a Nestle Australia brand.