Campbell’s Soup to undergo packaging transformation, no more BPA

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 30th March 2016

Campbell'sCampbell’s Soup Company has announced it will be completing a packaging transformation  by mid-2017 in response to consumer concerns.

The decision will affect all of its canned soups.

Changes to the packaging will involve the removal of all cans which contain Bisphenol A or BPA linings.

Campbell’s Soup says from March 2016, it began to switch its BPA-lined cans to ones which are made of either acrylic or polyester. It will continue to gradually introduce more acrylic and polyester cans until its entire range is replaced by mid-2017.

Campbell first announced its intention to move away from BPA linings in February 2012 after receiving consumer complaints. BPA chemical has been used in plastics since the 1960s but it is still debated whether or not exposure is harmful to humans.

Since its February 2012 announcement Campbell’s says it tested hundreds of alternatives to BPA-lined cans finding it difficult to ensure all of its 600 different products would be safe in different packaging. Senior Program Manager of Packing for Campbell’s Soup Company Mike Mulshine said finding a can to hold tomatoes was the biggest challenge due to their natural acidity.

“Our priority throughout this transition has been, and will continue to be, food safety,” said Mulshine.

“We have tested and conducted trials with hundreds of alternatives to BPA lining and believe the acrylic and polyester options will ensure our food remains safe, affordable and tastes great,” he stated.