Sipahh now offering products for fundraising

Posted by AFN Staff Writers on 18th April 2016

SipahhBeverage company Sipahh is now offering its products for fundraising purposes by Australian schools, sporting groups and other community organisations.

Sipahh uses Unistraw technology which was invented by Australian man Peter Baron in 1996. He launched Sipahh in 2005. Club Trading and Distribution acquired the brand in 2012.

Fundraising creates will contain four-packs of Sipahh’s straws which add flavour to milk. Sipahh recommends the straw packs be sold for AUD $2.00 each.

Georgie Scott, Marketing Manager at Sipahh, said if a community group can sell 200 creates it will raise AUD $4, 400.

“That could air-condition a classroom, buy materials to create an edible garden, sports equipment or musical instruments,” Scott said.

The fundraising products are expected to contribute significantly to Sipahh’s business growth.

“Sipahh straws have been available at supermarkets for more than 10 years, our online platform was launched last year and now the fundraising product has the potential to become a major focus of Sipahh’s core business,” Scott said.

Sipahh fundraising packs can be purchased through Sipahh’s website with prices starting from AUD $26.00.